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Closer To Truth is the definitive series on Cosmos, Consciousness and God, a global journey in search of the vital ideas of existence. It is the most complete, compelling, and accessible series on Cosmos, Consciousness and God ever produced for television.

Closer To Truth explores fundamental issues of universe, brain/mind, religion, meaning and purpose through intimate, candid conversations with leading scientists, philosophers, scholars, theologians and creative thinkers of all kinds. The shows are a rich visual experience, shot entirely on location in high definition with multiple cameras generating rich production values. The visual lushness of the high definition, on-location productions, combined with the intriguing titles of the shows, builds audiences already interested in mankind's greatest questions.

Public fascination with questions of Cosmos, Consciousness and particularly of God has grown substantially in recent years. Public debate has been intense, often heated. Closer To Truth presents to mass audiences these leading-edge ideas in an approachable, rational and balanced manner, and introduces the human personalities behind these ideas. By meeting these change-making characters close-up, the thinkers behind the thoughts, visiting them in their homes, offices, labs, gardens, churches and temples, Closer To Truth humanizes riveting ideas and makes them more accessible and more relevant.

It is the mission of Closer To Truth to become the most publicly prominent venue for heightened understanding and thoughtful discussion of Cosmos, Consciousness and God for broad television audiences.

Closer To Truth has 117 episodes on Cosmos, Consciousness, God being broadcast, with more in production Each 30-minute episode features four to seven of the world’s foremost thinkers. The series as a whole features 128 (growing to ~200) such authorities, each taped in detailed conversations (between two and eight hours), in what we believe to be the most comprehensive and definitive treatment of these topics ever presented in visual or electronic media. An invaluable record of today's best thinking, this new edition of Closer To Truth includes, in addition to the high-definition television series, an extensive internet site, and resource materials for educators and life-long learners.

Closer To Truth is hosted and executive produced by Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn. It is produced by Getzels Gordon Productions. Peter Getzels is Closer To Truth's award-winning producer/director.

Closer To Truth is Robert's life journey to grasp Cosmos, Consciousness, and God, visiting those who think deeply about existence, meaning and purpose. He goes to MIT and Harvard in Boston; Cal Tech and UCLA in Los Angeles; Berkeley and Stanford in San Francisco; Oxford and Cambridge in England; Princeton, Notre Dame, NYU — and for a gathering of cosmologists, to the glaciers and hot springs of Iceland.

Each Closer To Truth episode presents Robert embarking on a personal exploration in search of answers to a single Great Question. The audience joins him as he travels to meet world-renown experts, four to six per episode, each of whom brings a different viewpoint or perspective. Between experts, Robert summarizes the previous conversation and sets-up the next one with a bridging segment, represented with visually interesting footage. Each episode concludes with Robert providing a summary observation, which may not be a definitive "answer" but will always draw viewers "closer to truth."

Each episode is structured as a stand-alone program so that first-time viewers can understand and enjoy it. But there is logic and flow to the architecture and order of episodes, and an arc to the series as a whole, so that many viewers will be drawn from one episode to the next.

Robert does not avoid conflict or fear ridicule. Conventional wisdom and convenient consensus are put to the test in every episode. Robert challenges current belief and welcomes serious controversy. He will accept uncertainty but not sloppy thinking. His search is what Closer To Truth is all about: a passionate, detail-rich exploration of Cosmos, Consciousness, and God.

Never before have Cosmos, Consciousness and God been explored with such breadth, and in such depth, and by such illustrious experts.

If you were an Alien and had to know where thinking has come on Planet Earth, you would have to watch Closer To Truth.

Join Robert in these probing, provocative discussions at the frontiers of human understanding.

As Robert says, "I do not promise that you will find Ultimate Truth. I do promise that you will be exhilarated... getting Closer To Truth".



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