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Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn is creator, writer and host of Closer To Truth: Cosmos, Consciousness, God, the long-running (since 2000) public television / PBS series (>200 episodes) and expanding website (>2400 videos) ( With a doctorate in brain research, Kuhn is the author or editor of over 30 books, including The Mystery of Existence: Why is there Anything At All? (with John Leslie, 2013). Kuhn’s articles include "Science as Democratizer" (American Scientist); "Why This Universe: A Taxonomy of Possible Explanations" (Skeptic); and Levels of Nothing” (Skeptic).

Kuhn is an international corporate strategist, investment banker and expert on China. For 25 years, he has worked with China’s senior leaders and advised the Chinese government, and he advises multinational corporations. Kuhn is a commentator on the BBC, CNN, CCTV, Bloomberg, CNBC, and he is a columnist in China Daily and the South China Morning Post. Kuhn is the author of How China’s Leaders Think (2011), featuring China’s new leaders (including President Xi Jinping), and The Man Who Changed China: The Life and Legacy of Jiang Zemin, China’s best-selling book of 2005. Kuhn was one of only two Americans selected, along with Henry Kissinger, as “China Visionaries” in the series produced by Shanghai Television. Kuhn is creator, writer and presenter of China’s Challenges, a five-hour documentary series co-produced with Shanghai Media Group and directed by Peter Getzels, which won the China News Award (First Prize, 2013) and is being broadcast on PBS stations.

Kuhn's books include Closer To Truth: Challenging Current Belief; Closer To Truth: Science, Meaning and the Future; Dealmaker; Dow-Jones Irwin’s The Library of Investment Banking; and Handbook for Creative and Innovative Managers. 

Closer To Truth: Cosmos (cosmology, physics, philosophy of cosmology and physics, information, emergence, science and religion). Consciousness (brain, mind, mind-body problem, free will, personal identity, alien intelligences, parapsychology, critical thinking). God (philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, critical thinking).

Dr. Kuhn has an A.B. in Human Biology (Johns Hopkins), SM in Management (MIT Sloan School), and PhD in Anatomy / Brain Research (UCLA). He is chairman of The Kuhn Foundation.



The Mystery of Existence: Why is there Anything At All?

This compelling study of the origins of all that exists, including explanations of the entire material world, traces the responses of philosophers and scientists to the most elemental and haunting question of all: why is anything here—or anything anywhere? Why is there something rather than nothing? Why not nothing? It includes the thoughts of dozens of luminaries from Plato and Aristotle to Aquinas and Leibniz to modern thinkers such as physicists Stephen Hawking and Steven Weinberg, philosophers Robert Nozick and Derek Parfit, philosophers of religion Alvin Plantinga and Richard Swinburne, and the Dalai Lama.

Levels of Nothing

Skeptic: Volume 18, Number 2, 2007. Appreciating the meaning of Nothing, with nine levels of increasingly emptiness. There are multiple answers to the question of why the universe exists.

Why This Universe: Toward a Taxonomy of Possible Explanations

Skeptic: Volume 13, Number 2, 2007. All possible ways, manners and reasons the universe might exist -- outlined, organized, described and referenced in four sections: One Universe Models; Multiple Universe Models; Nonphysical Causes; Illusions.

Cosmos, Consciousness, God
Chief Executive: June 2008. How the Big Questions of existence can affect business. Public fascination with cosmos, consciousness and God is growing, and top management should know what is happening.

Science as Democratizer
American Scientist: Volume 91, September-October 2003. How science and critical thinking can engender democracy around the world. An argument for how science can strengthen democracy and promote public participation in the political process.








Can Religion Be Explained Without God?

Most people believe that God exists and religion is God’™s revelation. But some claim that religion needs nothing supernatural; that religion, without God, can flourish because personal psychology and group sociology drive religion.

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