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Welcome to Closer To Truth, the place to explore Cosmos, Consciousness, and Meaning. All of our content is organized in a taxonomy, so that each video can be appreciated in context and in relationship to other videos. Closer To Truth’s taxonomy has four levels and it will evolve as we to add more videos. We encourage you to explore Closer To Truth’s content as it is structured. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions for how it can be improved.
Topics Sub-Topics Series
Deep Laws of Nature Cosmic Fundamentals What's Fundamental in the Cosmos? (Part 1)
What's Fundamental in the Cosmos? (Part 2)
What is the Theory of Everything?
How is the Cosmos Constructed?
How do You Make a Cosmos?
How do Particles Explain the Cosmos?
Are there Extra Dimensions?
What is a Theory of Everything?
Why do we Search for Symmetry?
What can't be Predicted in Physics?
Time and Space-Time What is Time?
What is Space-Time?
How Can Space and Time be the Same Thing?
Is Time Real?
What's Real about Time?
Setting Time Aright
Is Time Fundamental?
Events and the Nature of Time
Is Time Travel Possible?
Quantum Theory Why is the Quantum So Strange?
Why is the Quantum so Mysterious?
What Does Quantum Theory Mean?
Many Worlds of Quantum Theory
Why is Quantum Gravity Key?
Why is Quantum Gravity So Significant?
What are Observers?
Physics of What Happens
Physics of the Observer
Events in Quantum Mechanics and Relativity
What is Quantum Cosmology?
Quantum Mechanics Experiments
Complexity and Emergence Do General Principles Govern All Science?
Is the World Self-Organizing?
What is Complexity in the Cosmos?
Is Emergence Fundamental?
Why is Emergence Significant?
Can Emergence Explain Reality?
How Complexity and Emergence Create a Cosmos?
What is Strong Emergence?
Mathematics as Fundamental? Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?
Is Mathematics Eternal?
Information as Fundamental? What is Information?
Physics of Information
Is Information Fundamental?
Does Information Create the Cosmos?
Is Information the Foundation of Reality?
Is the Cosmos a Computer?
Universe as Simulation? Could Our Universe Be a Fake?
Are we Living in a Simulation?
Vast Cosmos Cosmic Immensity How Vast is the Cosmos?
How Big can the Cosmos Get?
How Far Does the Cosmos Go?
What would an Infinite Universe Mean?
What can we Know in a Super-Large Universe?
The Physics of Eternity
Cosmic Beginnings How did Our Universe Begin?
Did our Universe have a Beginning?
Did the Universe Begin?
Why did our Universe Begin?
Why is an Inflationary Universe So Astounding?
Cosmic Structure What does an Expanding Universe Mean?
Why is the Universe Expanding?
How Significant is an Expanding Universe?
How did Matter Form in the Early Universe?
What is the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe?
The Future of Cosmology
Multiple Universes (Multiverse) Are there Multiple Universes?
How Many Universes Exist?
What would Multiple Universes Mean?
How are Multiple Universes Generated?
Why Believe in Multiple Universes?
How Did the Universe Begin?
Do Multiple Universes Surely Exist?
Multiverse: Where Do We Go from Here? (Part 1)
Multiverse: Where Do We Go from Here? (Part 2)
Black Holes, Dark Energy, Dark Matter Why Black Holes are Astonishing
What do Black Holes and Dark Matter Reveal?
Why does Dark Matter Really Matter?
What Happens in Black Holes?
How does Dark Energy Drive the Universe?
Dark Side of the Universe
Our Special Universe Fine-Tuning of the Universe? Physics of Fine-Tuning
Why a Fine-Tuned Universe?
Fine-Tuning in Cosmology
What does a Fine-Tuned Universe Mean?
Philosophy of Fine-Tuning (Part 1)
Why Cosmic Fine-tuning Demands Explanation
Philosophy of Fine-Tuning (Part 2)
Why Fine-tuning Seems Designed
Fallacies of Fine-Tuning
The Anthropic Principle: Meaning & Significance
Fine-Tuning the Universe for Life & Mind? Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life and Mind?
Must the Universe Spawn Life and Mind?
Is Life and Mind Inevitable in the Universe?
Is God the Cause of a Fine-Tuned Universe?
Does a Fine-Tuned Universe Lead to God?
Breathtaking Universe Why is the Universe so Breathtaking?
What makes the Universe Fascinating?
How does Beauty Color the Universe?
Why is the Universe So Beautiful?
Alien Intelligences? Why do We Search for Intelligent Aliens?
What Would Intelligent Aliens Mean?
Where are All Those Aliens?
Why aren't Aliens Already Here?
Far Future of the Universe What is the Far Far Future of the Universe?
What Happens in the Far Far Future?
Long Evolution of the Universe
What is the Far Future of Intelligence in the Universe?
What is the Far Far Future of Humans in the Universe?
What is the Doomsday Argument?
Will the Universe Ever End?
Science and Religion Science vs. Religion? Are Science & Religion at War?
Do Science & Religion Conflict?
Why Are Science and Theology so Fascinating?
Can Science & Theology Find Deep Reality?
Can Religion Survive Science?
What is Consonance in Science and Theology?
Can Philosophy Clarify Science vs. Religion?
Science and God What Can Science Say about God?
Can Science Deal with God?
Can Science Talk God?
Does God Mix with Science?
Is the Universe Religiously Ambiguous?
Is the Universe Theologically Ambiguous?
Cosmology and Creation
How Science and Religion Think Why Science and Religion Think Differently
How Should Religion Talk to Science?
Should Science Even Talk to Religion? (part 1)
Should Science Even Talk to Religion? (Part 2)
The New Atheism What's the New Atheism?
The Rise of Scientific Atheism
Limits of Science What are the Scope and Limits of Science?
Can Science Provide Ultimate Answers?
Mystery of Existence The Mystery of Existence Asking Ultimate Questions
What are the Ultimate Questions of Nature?
What are the Ultimate Questions of All Reality?
What is Ultimate Reality?
Ultimate Questions: Do They Evolve?
Why Philosophy of Science? (Part 1)
Philosophy of Physics and Cosmology
Why Philosophy of Science? (Part 2)
Philosophy of Cosmology
The Mystery of Laws & Cosmos What is the Origin of the Laws of Nature?
Where Do the Laws of Nature Come From?
Which Laws of Nature are Fundamental?
Are the Laws of Nature Always Constant?
Why the Cosmos? (Part 1)
Does the Cosmos have a Reason?
Why the Cosmos? (Part 2)
Does Cosmology Provide Meaning?
What are the Implications of Cosmology?
How Much More to Physical Reality?
Does Physical Reality Go Beyond?
What are Possible Worlds? (Part 1)
Metaphysics of Cosmos How does Metaphysics Reveal Reality?
Can Metaphysics Discover Surprises?
How does Philosophy Illuminate the Physical World? (Part 1)
What is Causation?
How does Philosophy Illuminate the Physical World? (Part 2)
What Things are Real?
What Things Really Exist?
What Are the Things of Existence?
All Reality Consists of What Things?
What Exists? (Part 1)
What Exists? (Part 2)
What Exists? (Part 3)
Why Anything at All? The Mystery of Existence
Why is There "Something" Rather Than "Nothing"?
Why there is "Something" rather than "Nothing"
Why Not Nothing?
Why Is There Anything At All? (Part 2)
Why Is There Anything At All? (Part 3)
Why Is There Anything At All? (Part 1)
Topics Sub-Topics Series
Mind-Body Problems The Mind-Body Problem What is the Mind-Body Problem?
Art and the Philosophy of Mind
Why a Mind-Body Problem?
Solutions to the Mind-Body Problem?
Neurophilosophy vs. Neuromania?
Computational Theory of the Mind
What is Human Mind in a Theistic World?
Brain Structure and Function What are Brains?
How are Brains Structured?
What do Brains Do?
How do Brains Function?
How do Brains Act?
How do Human Brains Work?
How do Human Brains Function? (Part 1)
How do Human Brains Function? (Part 2)
How do Human Brains Think and Feel?
When Brains go Bad
Can the Mind Heal the Body?
Brain Explains Mind? Can Brain Explain Mind?
Does Brain Make Mind?
How Brain Makes Mind?
How are Brains Conscious?
What Makes Brains Conscious?
Are Brain and Mind the Same Thing?
What's the Stuff of Mind and Brain?
How Brain Scientists Think About Consciousness
Elements of Mind What is Theory of Mind?
What is Intentionality?
What is Self Awareness?
How does Memory Work?
Language and Consciousness
What is Extended Mind?
Consciousness Mystery of Consciousness What Is Consciousness? (Part 1)
What Is Consciousness? (Part 2)
What is Consciousness? (Part 3)
Is Consciousness an Illusion? (Part 1)
Is Consciousness an Illusion? (Part 2)
What is Consciousness? (Part 4)
Why is Consciousness so Mysterious?
Why is Consciousness so Baffling?
Is Consciousness Fundamental?
Is Consciousness Irreducible?
Is Consciousness an Ultimate Fact?
What's the Essence of Consciousness?
What's the Meaning of Consciousness?
Toward a Science of Consciousness
Is Consciousness Unified?
What is Panpsychism?
Consciousness as Emergent Why did Consciousness Emerge?
Does Evolutionary Psychology Explain Mind?
Consciousness as All Physical? Is Consciousness Entirely Physical?
Anything Non-physical about the Mind?
Does Consciousness Defeat Materialism? (Part 1)
Does Consciousness Defeat Materialism? (Part 2)
Quantum Physics of Consciousness
Physics of Consciousness
Can Consciousness be Non-Biological? (Part 1)
Can Consciousness be Non-Biological? (Part 2)
States of Consciousness What are Altered States of Consciousness?
What is Enlightenment?
Are Enlightenment & Transcendence Altered States?
Powers of the Subconscious
What is Non-Duality?
Sleep and Dreams Secrets of Sleep
Why Sleep?
New Science of Dreaming
Purpose of Consciousness? Does Consciousness have Purpose?
Does Human Consciousness have Special Purpose?
Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Consciousness?
Must the Universe Contain Consciousness?
Does Consciousness Lead to God?
Consciousness and Spirituality
Why Explore Cosmos and Consciousness?
Theological Anthropology: What is Human Mind?
Can We Explain Cosmos and Consciousness?
Does Consciousness Cause the Cosmos?
Is Consciousness Ultimate Reality?
Metaphysics of Consciousness Metaphysics vs. Materialism? (Part 1)
Are There Things Not Material?
Metaphysics vs. Materialism? (Part 2)
What Things are Conscious?
What is Truth?
Realism vs. Anti-realism
Critical Realism in Science and Theology
Critical Realism: Ernan McMullin Tribute
Persons Persons and Selves What Are Persons? (Part 1)
What Are Persons? (Part 2)
What are Selves? (Part 1)
What are Selves? (Part 2)
Is the Person All Material?
Personal Identity What is the Nature of Personal Identity?
What Carries our Personal Identity?
What makes Personal Identity Continue?
How does Personal Identity Persist Through Time?
Life After Death? Is Death Final?
Is Life After Death Possible?
Is There Life After Death?
What is an Afterlife?
What do Near Death Experiences Mean?
What is Immortality?
What would Immortality Feel Like?
Virtual Immortality
Souls? Do Persons Have Souls? (Part 1)
Do Persons Have Souls? (Part 2)
Can a Person Be a Soul?
Is the Soul Immortal?
Does a Soul have an Afterlife?
Why Immortal Souls?
What Would an Immortal Soul Be Like?
Human Uniqueness How are Humans Unique?
How Humans Differ from Other Animals
Aesthetics: Physics and Neuroscience
Epistemology Epistemology: How Do We Know What We Know?
Theological Epistemology: How Can We Know God? (Part 1)
Theological Epistemology: How Can We Know God? (Part 2)
Art and Epistemology
Can Moral Theory Affect Deep Ontology?
Belief Systems How Belief Systems Work
What is Belief?
How Belief Systems Affect Believers (Part 1)
How Belief Systems Affect Believers (Part 2)
Mind and Society Human Mind and Society
People and Society Science and the Future of Humanity
Free Will Mystery of Free Will What is Free Will?
Mysteries of Free Will
Big Questions in Free Will
Big Questions in Free Will Project
Is Free Will an Illusion?
Do Humans have Free Will?
Philosophy of Free Will Philosophy of Free Will
How Can Free Will Work?
Free Will: Where's the Problem?
Free Will: Essence and Nature
Free Will and Consciousness How Free Will Probes Mind and Consciousness
Free Will: Key to Consciousness?
Science of Free Will Can Brains have Free Will?
Does Brain Science Eliminate Free Will?
Physics of Free Will
What is Experimental Philosophy?
Free Will Folk Beliefs
Free Will and Morality Free Will and Moral Responsibility
Free Will and Personal Agency
Free Will and Decision Making
Theology of Free Will Does God's Knowledge Eliminate Free Will?
Does God's Knowledge Quash Free Will
If God Knows the Future, What is Free Will?
Philosophy of Biology Why Philosophy of Biology? What is Philosophy of Biology?
Life in the Cosmos Life in the Cosmos
Alien Intelligences
What is Life? Gap Between Non-Life and Life
Extrasensory Perception ESP and New Realities? Why is ESP So Intriguing?
Does ESP Make Sense?
Is ESP a Window on a Larger Reality?
Does Transpersonal Psychology Revamp Reality?
What is Synchronicity?
ESP and the Nonphysical? Does ESP Reveal the Nonphysical?
Does ESP Reveal Spirit Existence?
Art Seeking Understanding Aesthetic Cognitivism Aesthetic Cognitivism I: Overview and Concepts
Aesthetic Cognitivism II: Intellectual Foundations
Aesthetic Cognitivism III: Meaning and Implications
Aesthetic Cognitivism IV: Research and Methodology
Arts and the Creative Process
Art and Philosophy What is Philosophy of the Arts?
Art and the Philosophy of Mind
Art and the Philosophy of Religion
Art and Epistemology
Neuroscience of Art Neuroaesthetics: How the Brain Explains Art
Aesthetics: Physics and Neuroscience
How Does Art Affect Perception, Cognition, Emotion?
Art and God Arguing God from the Arts? 
Can the Arts Reveal God's Traits?
Art and Religion Arts and Religious Experience
Arts and Religious Belief
Arts and Religious Practice (Liturgy)
Arts and Religious Reality
Art and Culture Cognition and Culture (Part 1)
Co-Evolution of Art and Religion
Cognition and Culture (Part 2)
Topics Sub-Topics Series
Philosophy of Religion Concepts of God What Is God? (Part 1)
What is God? (Part 2)
What is God? (Part 3)
Thinking about God (Part 1)
Wondering about God
Big Pictures of God
Thinking about God (Part 2)
Does God Make Sense?
Alternative Concepts of God Alternative Concepts of God? (Part 1)
Alternative Concepts of God? (Part 2)
Alternative Concepts of God? (Part 3)
Pantheism: Is God All Reality?
Panentheism: Is the World in God?
Novel Visions of the Divine?
New Visions of the Divine?
Faith and Belief Why Believe in God?
Arts and Religious Belief
Religious Faith: Rational or Rationalization?
Arts and Religious Practice (Liturgy)
What Causes Religious Belief? (Part 1)
Powers of Religious Belief?
What Causes Religious Belief? (Part 2)
Conflict Among Religions Can Many Religions All Be True?
Authentication and Conflict in Religious Belief?
Do Religions Complement or Contradict?
Do Diverse Religions Give Complementary Insights?
Universalism vs. Particularism in Religions?
Pluralistic Hypothesis of Religion
Do Major Religions Worship the Same God?
Theology Why Study Theology?
Analytic Theology
Why is Sin?
Systematic Theology
Is God Incarnate in All That Is?
Jesus as God
Why the Christian Incarnation?
What is the Christian Incarnation?
Christology and Science?
How Does Salvation Work?
How Does Atonement Work?
New Perspectives on Paul
Challenging Theological Doctrines
How Philosophy Informs Religion Does Philosophy Inform Religion?
Does Philosophy Illuminate Religion?
Can Philosophy of Religion Find God?
Art and the Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of the Bible
Is Theism Coherent?
Can the Bible Address Philosophical Questions?
Is This the Best of All Possible Worlds?
What are Possible Worlds? (Part 2)
What is Perfect Being Theology?
Can Metaphysics Discern God? (Part 1)
Did God Create Abstract Objects?
Can Metaphysics Discern God? (Part 2)
What is Virtue in a Theistic World?
Religion Without God Can Religion Be Explained Without God? (Part 1)
Can Religion Be Explained Without God? (Part 2)
Does Evolutionary Psychology Undermine Religion?
Existence of God Arguing God's Existence Arguments About God?
Arguing God's Existence?
Debating God's Existence?
Considering God's Existence?
How Should We Think about God's Existence?
Classical Arguments for God?
Philosophical Arguments For God Arguing God from Design?
Arguing God from Teleology?
Arguing God from Order and Purpose?
Arguing God from First Cause?
Arguing God from Causation?
Arguing God from Being?
Arguing God from Pure Existence?
Arguing God from Natural Theology?
Arguing God with Analytic Philosophy?
Arguing God with Unusual Reasons?
Diverse Arguments for God?
Experiential Arguments For God Arguing God from the Arts? 
Arguing God from Morality?
Arguing God from Moral Law?
Arguing God from Religious Experience?
Arguing God from Miracles & Revelations?
Arguing God from Consciousness?
Arguing God from Human Uniqueness
Arguments Against God Fallacies in Arguing for God?
Fallacies in Proving God Exists?
Arguments Against God?
Arguments Contra God?
Arguments for Atheism?
Atheism's Best Arguments? (Part 1)
Atheism's Arguments Against God
Atheism's Best Arguments? (Part 2)
Is Atheism a New Faith?
Arguments for Agnosticism?
Does Evil Disprove God?
Does Evil Refute God's Existence?
Does Evil Abolish God?
Can God Face Up To Evil?
Would Intelligent Aliens Undermine God?
Would Sentient Aliens Demoralize Religion?
Attributes of God God's Nature? What is God Like?
Can the Arts Reveal God's Traits?
Does God have a Nature?
Does God have Traits?
Is God a "Person"?
Can the Divine be a Person or Persons?
Mystery of the Trinity?
What does it Feel Like to be God?
Mystery of the Trinity? (Part 2)
God's Essence? Is God Perfect?
Can God Change?
Is God Necessary?
Is God Logically Necessary?
Is God Self-Existent?
How Good is God?
Is God Simple?
God's Powers? Is God All Powerful?
Can God do Everything?
Is God All Knowing?
Does God Know Everything?
How Free Is God? (Part 1)
How Free Is God? (Part 2)
Is God's Freedom Limited?
What Limits God's Freedom?
Does God's Infinity Make Sense?
God and Time? How Does God Relate to Time? (Part 1)
What is God's Eternity?
How Does God Relate to Time? (Part 2)
Is God Temporal or Timeless?
Is God Outside of Time?
Did God Create Time?
God as Creator God The Creator? How is God the Creator?
What God the Creator Means?
Did God Create From Nothing?
How Large is God's Creation?
Did God Create Multiple Universes?
God's World? What Kind of World did God Create?
Did God Create Evil?
Is Evil Necessary in God's World?
If God Exists, Why Natural Evil?
Evolution and God?
Did God Make Animals Suffer in Evolution?
Evolution and Theology (Part 1)
Do Angels and Demons Exist?
Evolution and Theology (Part 2)
Skeptical Theism
God's Interactions? How does God Relate to the World?
How could God Interact with the World?
Does God Intervene in Human Affairs?
What is Divine Providence?
Ultimate Destinies God's Knowledge and Future Events? Does God Know the Future?
How Could God Know the Future?
Perhaps Even God Doesn't Know the Future?
Is the Future Open?
Has God Settled the Future?
What is Predestination?
Judgment (Heaven, Hell)? Is there a Judgment?
What is God's Judgment?
An Ultimate Judgment?
What would God's Judgment be Like?
Do Heaven and Hell Really Exist?
Resurrection? What's a Resurrection Like?
Why a Body in a Resurrection?
Eschatology (End Times)? Is This the End Time?
Will God "Save" the Cosmos?
A New Heaven & A New Earth?
All Things New?
Eternal Life? What is Eternity?
Eternal Life is Like What?
Immortality and Personal Consciousness?
Imagining Eternal Life
Imagining Immortality and Eternal Life?
Search for Meaning Search for Meaning (Part 1)
Search for Meaning (Part 2)
Welcome to Closer To Truth, the place to explore Cosmos, Consciousness, and Meaning. All of our content is organized in a taxonomy, so that each video can be appreciated in context and in relationship to other videos. Closer To Truth’s taxonomy has four levels and it will evolve as we to add more videos. We encourage you to explore Closer To Truth’s content as it is structured. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions for how it can be improved.
Deep Laws of Nature

Cosmic Fundamentals

Time and Space-Time

Quantum Theory

Complexity and Emergence

Mathematics as Fundamental?

Information as Fundamental?

Universe as Simulation?


Mystery of Consciousness

Consciousness as Emergent

Consciousness as All Physical?

States of Consciousness

Sleep and Dreams

Purpose of Consciousness?

Metaphysics of Consciousness

Philosophy of Biology
Philosophy of Religion

Concepts of God

Alternative Concepts of God

Faith and Belief

Conflict Among Religions


How Philosophy Informs Religion

Religion Without God