Robin Le Poidevin | Closer to Truth


Robin Le Poidevin is Professor of Metaphysics at the University of Leeds whose interests include the nature and experience of time, agnosticism, and philosophy of religion. He joined the Department of Philosophy at Leeds after a year as Gifford Research Fellow at St Andrews and having completed postgraduate studies at both Oxford and Cambridge, obtaining his MA from the former and his PhD from the latter. He is also the current president of The British Society for the Philosophy of Religion.

For three years Le Poidevin was Head of Department of Philosophy at the University of Leeds, and was appointed to a personal chair in Metaphysics. He is a member of the Centre for Metaphysics and Mind and is on the board of the Analysis Trust, the Editor of Religious Studies, and Past President of the British Society for the Philosophy of Religion. In 2007 he gave the Stanton Lectures in the Philosophy of Religion at the University of Cambridge.

Le Poidevin’s research interests include Philosophy of Religion, specifically metaphysics of Christian doctrine, non-realist approaches to religion, agnosticism, and projectivism. He is also interested in Metaphysics: time, space, causality, and identity, Epistemology: perception, memory, perspectival representations, and Aesthetics: theories of fiction, depiction in art, photography and film.