Victoria Harrison is a Reader in Philosophy and Director of the Forum for Philosophy and Religion (formerly known as the Centre for Philosophy and Religion) at the University of Glasgow.

Her research interests focus on analytic philosophy of religion and on the problems generated by religious diversity. Harrison is also interested in classical Indian and Chinese philosophies. She earned her PhD at the University of London, focusing on research religious epistemology; developing an internal realist approach to the rationality of religious convictions. Harrison has continued to expand on this work and have applied it within a range of contexts; most recently she has been exploring its implications for intercultural and interreligious dialogue and conducting workshops in which the theory she has developed, known as 'Exemplar Reasoning', is put into practice.

Harrison’s interests extend to the relationship between philosophy and museums and she is currently working with a group of scholars and museums professionals in the UK, USA and China on a project exploring the philosophical dimensions of the ways in which museums represent objects of interreligious or intercultural significance.

Harrison is a core member of the Scottish Centre for China Research and is on the academic committee of the Confucius Institute at the University of Glasgow. Additionally, she is on the committee of the British Society for the Philosophy of Religion and on the committee of the European Society for the Philosophy of Religion as well as being an active member of the international Beyond Diversity: Re-situating Pluralism project which is based in Cornell University.