Contributors - Mathematicians, Philosophers & Thinkers - Closer To Truth
Name Title Category
John Witvliet Director, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Arts & Humanities
A Scott Aaronson Computer Scientist, MIT Mathematics & Information
A Fred Adams Professor of Physics, University of Michigan
A Anthony Aguirre Physicist, UC, Santa Cruz Cosmology
A David Albert Philosopher, Columbia University Philosophy of Science
A Andreas Albrecht Physicist, UC, Davis Physics
A Denis Alexander Biologist, University of Cambridge Science & Religion
A Stephon H.S. Alexander Physicist and Astronomer, Dartmouth College Physics
A Paul Allen Professor of Theological Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, CA Philosophy of Religion
A Michael Almeida Philosopher, University of Texas, San Antonio Philosophy of Religion
A Jonathan Anderson Associate Professor of Art, Biola University Arts & Humanities
A Nima Arkani-Hamed Theoretical Physicist, Inst. for Advanced Study Physics
A J. Matthew Ashley Associate Professor, History of Christianity, University of Notre Dame Science & Religion
A Peter Atkins Chemist, University of Oxford Physics
A Robert Audi Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame Philosophy
A Francisco J. Ayala Philosopher, UC, Irvine Biology & Medicine
A Mahmoud Ayoub Professor of Islamic Studies, Hartford Seminary Philosophy of Religion
B Julian Baggini Co-founder, The Philosopher’s Magazine Philosophy
B Mark Balaguer Philosopher, Cal State University Philosophy of Science
B Anirban Bandyopadhyay Senior Scientist, The National Institute for Materials Science
B Ian Barbour Prof. Science, Tech & Society, Carleton College Science & Religion
B Julian Barbour Theoretical Physicist, Author, UK Physics
B Luke Barnes Theoretical Astrophysicist, Cosmologist and Postdoctoral Researcher at Western Sydney University Cosmology
B Stephen Barr Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Delaware Physics
B Deirdre Barrett Clinical Psychologist, Harvard Medical School Psychology & Sociology
B Justin Barrett Prof. of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary Psychology & Sociology
B Roy Baumeister Prof. of Psychology, Florida State University Psychology & Sociology
B Tim Bayne Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford Philosophy of Mind
B John Behr Eastern Orthodox Priest, St. Vladimir’s Seminary Theology & Religion
B Gregory Benford Astrophysicist, UC, Irvine, Sci-Fi Author Physics
B Robert Bilder Prof. Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA Neuroscience
B John Bishop Philosopher, The University of Auckland Philosophy of Religion
B Simon Blackburn Philosopher, Trinity College, Univ. of Cambridge Philosophy
B Susan Blackmore Writer, Lecturer, Psychologist Psychology & Sociology
B Colin Blakemore Neurobiologist, Inst. of Philosophy, Univ. of London Neuroscience
B Ned Block Philosopher, New York University Philosophy of Mind
B Alfonse Borysewicz Painter Arts & Humanities
B Nick Bostrom Philosopher, St. Cross College. Univ. of Oxford Philosophy
B Raphael Bousso Theoretical Physicist, UC, Berkeley Physics
B Gregory A. Boyd Founder and Sr. Pastor, Woodland Hills Church Theology & Religion
B Pascal Boyer Cognitive Anthropologist and Evolutionary Psychologist, Washington University in St. Louis Psychology & Sociology
B Stephen E. Braude Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Culture & Society
B Christopher R. Brewer Program Officer, Templeton Religion Trust Philosophy of Religion
B Andrew Briggs Professor of Nanomaterials, University of Oxford
B David Brin Physicist, Science Fiction Author Culture & Society
B Rodney Brooks Roboticist, MIT Mathematics & Information
B David Brown Philosopher of Religion and Professor Emeritus, University of St. Andrews Philosophy of Religion
B Warren Brown Prof. of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary Neuroscience
B Andrei Buckareff Associate Professor of Philosophy, Marist College Philosophy of Religion
C Craig Callender Philosopher, UC, San Diego Philosophy of Science
C Bernard Carr Mathematician and Astronomer, Univ. of London Cosmology
C Sean Carroll Theoretical Physicist, Caltech Cosmology
C Louis Caruana Dean of Philosophy, Gregorian University, Rome Theology & Religion
C Gregory J. Chaitin Mathematician, IBM Mathematics & Information
C David Chalmers Philosopher, New York University Philosophy of Mind
C Daniel Chamovitz President, Ben-Gurion University Biology & Medicine
C Anjan Chatterjee Neuroscientist, University of Pennsylvania Neuroscience
C Deepak Chopra Medical Doctor, Author, Founder, Chopra Center Biology & Medicine
C Stephen L. Chorover Psychologist, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT Neuroscience
C Andy Clark Chair in Logic and Metaphysics, University of Edinburgh Philosophy of Mind
C Aaron Clauset Professor of Computer Science, Univ of Colorado Boulder
C Philip Clayton Philosopher and Dean, Claremont Lincoln University Philosophy of Religion
C Carmine D. Clemente Biologist, UCLA (ret.), Editor, Gray's Anatomy Neuroscience
C Sarah Coakley Theologian and Anglican Priest, Univ. of Cambridge Theology & Religion
C Francis S. Collins Geneticist, Director, National Insitutes of Health Biology & Medicine
C Robin Collins Professor of Philosophy, Messiah College Philosophy of Religion
C Ivan Corwin Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University Mathematics & Information
C John Cottingham Professor of Philosophy, University of Reading Philosophy of Religion
C Jesse Couenhoven Professor of Theology, Villanova University Philosophy of Religion
C William Lane Craig Philosophical Theologian, Talbot School of Theology Philosophy of Religion
C Oliver Crisp Professor of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary Theology & Religion
D Raissa D'Sousa Professor, Computer Science, UC, Davis Mathematics & Information
D Antonio Damasio Chair in Neuroscience, Univ of Southern California Neuroscience
D Paul Davies Physicist, Arizona State University Cosmology
D Celia Deane-Drummond Professor of Theology, Notre Dame Theology & Religion
D William A. Dembski Theologian, Southern Evangelical Seminary Science & Religion
D Daniel Dennett Philosopher, Tufts University Philosophy of Mind
D David Deutsch Physicist, Clarendon Laboratory, Univ. of Oxford Physics
D Jared Diamond Geographer, UCLA Psychology & Sociology
D Steven J. Dick Chief Historian, NASA Philosophy of Science
D Robert Dijkgraaf Director, Institute for Advanced Study Physics
D Murali Doraiswamy Neuroscientist, Duke Medicine Biology & Medicine
D Frank Drake Director, Carl Sagan Center, SETI Institute Cosmology
D Willem Drees Philosophy of Religion, Leiden University Science & Religion
D Hubert L. Dreyfus Philosopher, University of California, Berkeley Philosophy
D Freeman Dyson Physicist, Institute for Advanced Study Physics
E David Eagleman Neuroscientist, Stanford University Neuroscience
E George F. R. Ellis Mathematician, University of Cape Town Cosmology
E Elissa Epel Professor, Department of Psychiatry, UCSF Biology & Medicine
E C. Stephen Evans Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, Baylor University Philosophy
E Christopher Evans Neuropharmacologist, UCLA Neuroscience
E Dirk Evers Theologian and Philosopher, Martin Luther Univ. Science & Religion
F Pedro G. Ferreira Professor of Astrophysics, University of Oxford Cosmology
F Paul Fiddes Theologian, Oxford University Theology & Religion
F David Ritz Finkelstein Physicist, Georgia Institute of Technology Physics
F Menachem Fisch Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, Tel Aviv University Philosophy of Science
F Thomas P. Flint Philosopher, University of Notre Dame Philosophy of Religion
F Peter Forrest Philosopher, University of New England - Australia Philosophy of Religion
F Wendy L. Freedman Astronomer, The Carnegie Observatories Cosmology
G Xiao Gang Wen Physicist, MIT Physics
G Gregory Ganssle Philosopher, Rivendell Institute, Yale Philosophy of Religion
G George Geis Professor, Anderson School of Management Psychology & Sociology
G Steve Giddings Physicist, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara Physics
G Neil N. Gillman Rabbi and Philosopher, Jewish Theological Seminary Theology & Religion
G Owen Gingerich Astronomer, Harvard University Science & Religion
G Leon Glass Professor and the Isadore Rosenfeld Chair in Cardiology, McGill University Biology & Medicine
G Rebecca Newberger Goldstein Philosopher and Novelist Philosophy of Mind
G Alison Gopnik Professor of Psychology, UC, Berkeley Psychology & Sociology
G J. Richard Gott III Astrophysicist, Princton University Cosmology
G Lester Grabbe Retired Professor of Hebrew Bible, Univ. of Hull Theology & Religion
G Gordon Graham Professor of Philosophy, Princeton University Philosophy
G Matthews Grant Philosopher, University of St. Thomas Philosophy of Religion
G William Grassie Executive Director, Metanexus Institute Science & Religion
G Anthony A.C. Grayling Philosopher, New College of the Humanities Philosophy
G Michael Graziano Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Princeton University Neuroscience
G Josh Greene Professor of Psychology, Harvard University Psychology & Sociology
G Susan Greenfield Professor of Pharmacology, Oxford University Neuroscience
G Niels Henrik Gregersen Theologian and Philosopher, Univ. of Copenhagen Science & Religion
G David J. Gross Nobel Laureate in Physics Physics
G Ananda W.P. Guruge Dean, University of the West Theology & Religion
G Alan H. Guth Physicist, MIT Cosmology
H Patrick Haggard Neuroscientist, University College London Neuroscience
H Stuart Hameroff Anesthesiologist and Professor, University of Arizona Biology & Medicine
H Suzanne Hanser Chair Emerita of the Music Therapy Department, Berklee College of Music Arts & Humanities
H Charles L. Harper Jr. Cosmologist and Theologian Science & Religion
H Victoria Harrison Philosopher of Religion, University of Macau Philosophy of Religion
H David Bentley Hart Philosophical Theologian, University of Notre Dame Theology & Religion
H James Hartle Emeritus Professor of Physics, Univ of California, Santa Barbara Physics
H John Hawthorne Philosopher, Magdalen College, Oxford University Philosophy
H John Heilbron Professor Emeritus of History and History of Science, UC Berkeley Physics
H John Hick Philosopher and Theologian Philosophy of Religion
H Donald Hoffman Cognitive Scientist, UC, Irvine Neuroscience
H Rodney Holder Anglican Priest, Fellow, Cambridge University Science & Religion
H Jim Holt Journalist
H Bruce Hood Experimental Psychologist, University of Bristol Psychology & Sociology
H Michael Hopkins Professor of Mathematics, Harvard University Mathematics & Information
H John Horgan Director, Center for Science Writings at Stevens Institute of Technology
H Sabine Hossenfelder Research Fellow, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies Physics
H Nicholas Humphrey Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Darwin College, Cambridge Psychology & Sociology
H David Hunt Philosopher, Whittier College Philosophy of Religion
H Russ Hurlburt Professor of Psychology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
H Arthur Hyman Rabbi and Philosopher, Yeshiva University Theology & Religion
I Christopher Isham Physicist (Dirac Medal), Imperial College London Physics
I Jenann Ismael Philosopher, University of Arizona Philosophy of Science
I John Iversen Neuroscientist, Univ of California San Diego Neuroscience
J Nathan A. Jacobs Philosopher of Religion, University of Kentucky Philosophy of Religion
J Brian Josephson Nobel Laureate in Physics Physics
J Jean-Luc Jucker Anthropologist Psychology & Sociology
K Menas Kafatos Physicist, Chapman University Physics
K Subhash Kak Computer Scientist, Oklahoma State Mathematics & Information
K Michio Kaku Physicist, City College of New York Physics
K Renata Kallosh Theoretical Physicist, Stanford University Physics
K Stuart Kauffman Biochemist and Mathematician, Univ. of Vermont Biology & Medicine
K Christopher Knight Orthodox Priest, Theologian, Cambridge University Science & Religion
K Joshua Knobe Cognitive Scientist, Yale Philosophy
K Christof Koch Neuroscientist, Caltech, Allen Inst. Brain Science Neuroscience
K Lawrence M. Krauss Theoretical Physicist, Arizona State Cosmology
K Raymond Kurzweil Inventor, Computer Scientist, Futurist Mathematics & Information
L George P. Lakoff Linguist, UC Berkeley Philosophy
L Jaron Lanier Computer Scientist and Artist Culture & Society
L Robert B. Laughlin Nobel Laureate in Physics Physics
L Stephen Law Philosopher, University of London Philosophy
L E. Thomas Lawson Honorary Professor and Research Scientist, Queen's University Belfast Philosophy of Religion, Psychology & Sociology
L Robin Le Poidevin Professor of Philosophy, University of Leeds Philosophy of Religion
L Joseph LeDoux Neuroscientist, New York University Neuroscience
L Brian Leftow Professor, Philosophy of Religion, Oxford Univ. Philosophy of Religion
L Alan I. Leshner CEO, AAAS Neuroscience
L John Leslie Philosopher, University of Guelph Philosophy
L Michael Levine Prof. of Philosophy, Univ. of Western Australia Philosophy of Religion
L Geraint Lewis Professor of Astrophysics, Sydney Institute for Astronomy Physics
L Andrei Linde Physicist, Stanford University Cosmology
L Antony Garrett Lisi Theoretical Physicist Physics
L Mario Livio Astrophysicist, Author Cosmology
L Rodolfo R. Llinas Neuroscientist, NYU School of Medicine Neuroscience
L Seth Lloyd Mathematician and Engineer, MIT Physics
L Abraham Loeb Astronomer, Harvard University Cosmology
L Barry Loewer Philosopher and Chairperson of the Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University Philosophy
L Elizabeth Loftus Cognitive Psychologist, UC, Irvine Psychology & Sociology
M Juan M. Maldacena Physicist, Institute for Advanced Study Physics
M Bertram Malle Prof, Psychology and Philosophy, Brown University Psychology & Sociology
M Uri Maoz Postdoctoral Scholar, Biology, Caltech Neuroscience
M Elizabeth Margulis Director, Music Cognition Lab, Princeton University Neuroscience
M Fotini Markopoulou Theoretical Physicist, Perimeter Institute Physics
M Jeffery Martin Social Scientist and Researcher Psychology & Sociology
M Kelsey Martin Dean, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Neuroscience
M Jennifer Mather Professor of Psychology, University of Lethbridge Psychology & Sociology
M Tim Maudlin Philosopher of Science and Professor of Philosophy, New York University Philosophy, Philosophy of Science
M John C. Mazziotta MD, Neurologist, UCLA Neuroscience
M Hugh McCann Philosopher, Texas A&M University Philosophy of Religion
M Ian McFarland Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge Theology & Religion
M Colin McGinn Philosopher Philosophy of Mind
M Alister McGrath Theologian, Kings College London Theology & Religion
M Tom McLeish Professor of Physics, Durham University Physics
M Ernan McMullin Philosopher, Notre Dame Philosophy of Science
M Patrick McNamara Neuroscientist, BU School of Medicine Neuroscience
M Alfred Mele Professor of Philosophy, Florida State University Philosophy of Mind
M Laura Mersini-Houghton Cosmologist, theoretical physicist and Professor, UNC Chapel Hill Cosmology
M Mike Merzenich Neuroscientist, UC San Francisco Neuroscience
M Matthew Milliner Associate Professor of Art History, Wheaton College Arts & Humanities
M Marvin Minsky Cognitive Scientist, MIT Mathematics & Information
M Leonard Mlodinow Physicist and Author Physics
M Ken Mogi Senior Researcher, Sony Computer Science Labs
M Max More Founder, Extropy Institute Philosophy
M J.P. Moreland Philosopher, Biola University Philosophy of Mind
M Julia Mossbridge Julia Mossbridge, CEO and Research Director, Mossbridge Institute Psychology & Sociology
M Nancey Murphy Theologian, Fuller Theological Seminary Philosophy of Religion
M Bruce Murray Astronomer, Caltech Cosmology
M Michael Murray Executive Vice President of Programs, John Templeton Foundation Philosophy of Religion
N Yujin Nagasawa Philosopher, University of Birmingham Philosophy of Religion
N Eddy Nahmias Professor of Philosophy, Georgia State University Philosophy of Mind
N Seyyed Hossein Nasr Prof. of Islamic Studies, George Washington Univ. Philosophy of Religion
N Alva Noë Philosopher, UC Berkeley Philosophy of Mind
N Martin Nowak Mathematical Biologist Biology & Medicine
O Timothy O'Connor Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University Philosophy of Religion
O Ken Olum Professor, Cosmology, Tufts University Cosmology
P Don Page Theoretical Physicist, Univ. of Alberta Physics
P Robert L. Park Physicist, University of Maryland Physics
P Sam Parnia Assistant Professor of Medicine, SUNY Stony Brook Biology & Medicine
P Timothy Pawl Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of St. Thomas Philosophy of Religion
P John Peacock Professor of Cosmology, University of Edinburgh Cosmology
P Roger Penrose Mathematician, Oxford University Mathematics & Information
P Saul Perlmutter Nobel Laureate in Physics Cosmology
P Andrew Pinsent Research Director, Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, Oxford University Science & Religion
P Alvin Plantinga Philosopher, Notre Dame Philosophy of Religion
P Carl Plantinga Professor of Film and Media, Calvin College Arts & Humanities
P John Polkinghorne Anglican Priest, Physicist, Cambridge University Science & Religion
P Huw Price Philosopher, Cambridge University Philosophy of Science
R Dean Radin Senior Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences Psychology & Sociology
R V.S. Ramachandran Director, Center for Brain and Cognition, Univ of California San Diego Neuroscience
R Varadaraja V. Raman Prof. of Physics, Rochester Inst. of Technology Science & Religion
R Lisa Randall Theoretical Physicist, Harvard University Physics
R Michael Rea Rev. John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy, Univ. of Notre Dame Philosophy of Religion
R Martin Rees Astronomer Royal, Cosmologist, Cambridge Univ. Cosmology
R Dean Rickles Philosopher of Physics, University of Sydney Philosophy of Science
R Antonius Roberts Painter and Sculptor Arts & Humanities
R Katherin Rogers Philosopher, University of Delaware Philosophy of Religion
R Holmes Rolston III Philosopher, Colorado State University Science & Religion
R Aaron Rosen Director, Henry Luce III Center for the Arts & Religion, Wesley Theological Seminary Arts & Humanities
R Adina Roskies Professor of Philosophy, Dartmouth College Neuroscience
R Carlo Rovelli Theoretical Physicist, Centre de Physique Theorique de Luminy Physics
R Bede Rundle Philosopher, Trinity College, Oxford Philosophy
R Michael Ruse Professor, History and Philosophy of Science, Florida State University Philosophy of Science
R Robert John Russell Dir., Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences Science & Religion
S Marcel Sarot Historian, Utrecht University Philosophy of Religion
S Dimitar Sasselov Astronomer, Harvard University Cosmology
S Robert L. Saucy Theologian, Biola University Theology & Religion
S Lothar Schafer Quantum Chemist, University of Arkansas Physics
S Arnold B. Scheibel Neurobiologist, UCLA Neuroscience
S J.L. Schellenberg Philosopher of Religion, Mount Saint Vincent Univ. Philosophy of Religion
S John D. Schlag Neurobiologist, UCLA Neuroscience
S Marilyn Schlitz Professor and Chair, Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University Psychology & Sociology
S Jeff Schloss Biologist, Westmont College Biology & Medicine
S Simone Schnall Social Psychologist, Cambridge Psychology & Sociology
S Eric Schwitzgebel Professor of Philosophy, University of California at Riverside Philosophy
S John Searle Philosopher, UC Berkeley Philosophy of Mind
S David Shatz Professor of Philosophy, Yeshiva University Philosophy of Religion
S Rupert Sheldrake Director, Perrott-Warrick Project, Cambridge Univ. Philosophy of Science
S Michael Shermer Author, Founder and Publisher, Skeptic magazine Philosophy of Science
S Joseph Silk Homewood Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University Cosmology, Physics
S Walter Sinnott-Armstrong Professor of Practical Ethics, Duke University Philosophy
S Barry Smith Director, Institute of Philosophy, University of London Philosophy of Science
S Huston Smith Religious Scholar, Author Theology & Religion
S Quentin Smith Prof. of Philosopher, Western Michigan University Philosophy of Science
S Lee Smolin Theoretical Physicist, Perimeter Institute Physics
S George F. Smoot III Nobel Laureate in Physics Cosmology
S Christopher Southgate Theologian, Poet, University of Exeter Science & Religion
S Robert Spitzer Priest, President, The Magis Center Theology & Religion
S Russell Stannard Physicist, Open University, U.K. Science & Religion
S Henry Stapp Physicist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Physics
S Paul J. Steinhardt Theoretical Physicist, Princeton Cosmology
S Eric Steinhart Professor of Philosophy, William Paterson University Philosophy
S Victor Stenger Prof. Philosophy and Astronomy, University of Hawaii Physics
S Chris Stewart Vice President of Grant Programs, Templeton Religion Trust Philosophy of Religion
S Robert Stickgold Director, Center for Sleep and Cognition, Harvard Neuroscience
S Galen Strawson Philosopher, University of Texas, Austin Philosophy of Mind
S Eleonore Stump Philosopher, Saint Louis University Philosophy of Religion
S Meghan Sullivan Meghan Sullivan, Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame Philosophy
S Leonard Susskind Physicist, Stanford University Physics
S Richard Swinburne Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Oxford University Philosophy of Religion
T James D. Tabor Philosopher of Religion, Univ. of North Carolina Theology & Religion
T Raymond Tallis Philosopher, Essayist, Medical doctor Philosophy
T Rudolph Tanzi Neuroscientist, Harvard Medical School Biology & Medicine
T Charles T. Tart Professor, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Psychology & Sociology
T Jill Tarter Director, Center for SETI Research, SETI Institute Cosmology
T Max Tegmark Physicist, MIT Cosmology
T Neil Theise Pathologist, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Biology & Medicine
T Kip S. Thorne Theoretical Physicist, Caltech Cosmology
T Kevin Timpe Prof. of Philosophy at Northwest Nazarene Univ. Philosophy of Religion
T Frank J. Tipler Mathematician and Physicist, Tulane University Cosmology
T Jeff Tollaksen Physicist, Chapman University Physics
T Giulio Tononi Neuroscientist and Psychiatrist, Univ. of Wisconsin Neuroscience
T Michael Tooley Professor of Philosophy, Univ. of Colorado Philosophy of Religion
T Alan Torrance Professor of Systematic Theology, University of St. Andrews Theology & Religion
T Andrew Torrance Lecturer in Theology, University of St. Andrews Theology & Religion
T Mark Tramo Neurologist, Good Samaritan Hospital Neuroscience
T Robert Trivers Evolutionary Biologist Biology & Medicine
T Peter Tse Cognitive Psychologist, Dartmouth Neuroscience
U Karen Uhlenbeck Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Texas Austin Mathematics & Information
V Douglas Vakoch Director, Interstellar Message Composition, SETI Cosmology
v Stephan van Erp Professor of Fundamental Theology, KU Leuven Theology & Religion
v Bas C. van Fraassen Prof. of Philosophy, San Francisco State Philosophy of Science
v J. Wentzel van Huyssteen Theologian, Princeton Theological Seminary Science & Religion
v Peter van Inwagen Philosopher, Notre Dame Philosophy
V Licia Verde Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Barcelona Cosmology
V Mark Vernon Writer, Journalist, Broadcaster Philosophy
V Alexander Vilenkin Physicist, Institute of Cosmology, Tufts University Cosmology
V Natasha Vita-More Designer and Theorist Psychology & Sociology
W David Wallace Philosopher of Physics, University of Southern California Philosophy of Science
W Roger Walsh Psychiatrist and Philosopher, UC Irvine Neuroscience
W Keith Ward Philospher of Religion and Author Philosophy of Religion
W Murray Watts Playwright and Screenwriter Arts & Humanities
W Steven Weinberg Nobel Laureate in Physics Physics
W Geoffrey West Physicist, Santa Fe Institute Physics
W Thalia Wheatley Professor, Psychology, Dartmouth College Psychology & Sociology
W Edward Wierenga Philosopher of Religion, University of Rochester Philosophy of Religion
W Frank Wilczek Nobel Laureate in Physics Physics
W Edward Witten Charles Simonyi Professor, School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study Physics
W Fred Alan Wolf Theoretical Physicist, Writer, Lecturer Philosophy of Science
W Judith Wolfe Professor of Philosophical Theology, University of St. Andrews. Philosophy of Religion
W Stephen Wolfram Founder and CEO, Wolfram Research Mathematics & Information
W Nicholas Wolterstorff Philosopher of Religion, Yale University Philosophy of Religion
W N.T. Wright Former Bishop of Durham Theology & Religion
Y Venerable Dr. Yifa Buddhist Nun, Scholar, Writer Theology & Religion
Y Gino Yu Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Psychology & Sociology
Y Venerable Master Hsing Yun Abbot and Founder, Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order Theology & Religion
Z Eran Zaidel Neuroscientist, UCLA Neuroscience
Z Semir Zeki Neurobiologist, University College London Neuroscience
Z Dean W. Zimmerman Philosopher, Rutgers University Philosophy of Religion
Z Wojciech Zurek Theoretical Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory Physics