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You can now download episodes and complete seasons of Closer To Truth. Experience intimate, candid conversations with leading philosophers and scientists, including Nobel laureates and other creative thinkers. Each season, hosted by Robert Lawrence Kuhn, consists of 13 episodes on Cosmos, Consciousness, and Meaning (God). Episode titles are listed below. Purchase by individual episode or complete season on iTunes or Amazon Instant Video. For more information, please visit iTunes or Amazon, or see our Episode Listing.

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Season 19 What's Philosophy of Cosmology? What's Fine-Tuning in Cosmology? What's Fine-Tuning in Physics? Is the Anthropic Principle Significant? What's Strong Emergence? What Exists II? Why Anything at All II? Epistemology: How Can We Know God? Jesus as God - A Philosophical Inquiry. the Trinity - A Philosophical Inquiry. the Incarnation - A Philosophical Inquiry. Atonement - A Philosophical Inquiry. Salvation - A Philosophical Inquiry.
Season 18 The Multiverse: What's Real?; Critical Realism in Science & Theology; Why Consonance in Science and Theology?; Does Consciousness Require a Radical Explanation?; Cosmology and Creation; What is Philosophy of Biology?; Epistemology: How Do I Know?; What is Analytic Theology?; Being in the World: A Tribute to Hubert Dreyfus; If God, What's Evolution?; What is Extended Mind?; God's Sovereignty: A Tribute to Hugh McCann; Challenges of Analytic Theology
Season 17 Death Disrupted? How Does Faith Work? How the Subconscious Affects Us; Can Metaphysics Discern God I? Can Metaphysics Discern God II? What is God's Own Being? Huston Smith: A Tribute to Religious Visionary; Observing Physics, Observing Nature? Why Philosophy of Physics and Cosmology? What Exists? How Did the Universe Begin? Is the Univese Theologically Ambiguous? Science and the Future of Humanity. 
Season 16 When Brains Go Bad? What is the Doomsday Argument? How Could God Make Miracles? How do Language and Consciousness Relate? Can God and Science Mix? Religious Faith: Rational or Rationalization? Can Brain Alone Explain Consciousness? Can Enlarged Materialism Explain Consciousness? Does Consciousness Defeat Materialism? Fallacies in Arguing for God? What is Philosophy of Science? Does Philosophy Help Science? A Tribute to Marvin Minsky.
Season 15 Does the Cosmos Have a Reason? Can the Cosmos Have a Reason? Implications of Cosmology? What is It About God? Speculating About God? How Could God Intervene in the Universe? What Could ESP Mean? How Could ESP Work? How to Argue for God? Does God Know Everything? What is Causation? Can Dualism Explain Consciousness? Is Consciousness Ultimate Reality? 
Season 14 Can the Mind Heal the Body? Is God Responsible for Evil? What is Information? Can Design Point to God? What is Truth? Does Information Create the Cosmos? Why a Body in a Resurrection? Must Multiple Universes Exist? Toward a Science of Consciousness? Big Questions in Free Will I? Big Questions in Free Will II? Can Free Will Survive God's Foreknowledge? How Can God Not be Free?
Season 13 What is Ultimate Reality? What is Consciousness? Is This God? Will the Universe Ever End? Can the Divine be a Person? Is Death Final? What Causes Religious Belief? What Things are Real? Does Moral Responsibility Require Free Will? What can we Learn from Alternative Gods? Why God, Not Nothing? Does God's Knowledge Ruin Free Will? Is God Totally Free? 
Season 12 Did the Universe have a Beginning? How do Humans Differ from Other Animals? What Would it Feel Like to be God? What's the New Atheism? How does Personal Identity Persist through Time? Can Philosophy of Religion Find God? Why Do We Sleep? Does Cosmic Fine-Tuning Demand Explanation? Why Obsess about Free Will? Why Seek an Alternative God? Panentheism: Is the World in God? What is Nothing? Why Anything at All?  
Season 11 Time at Sea. What is Time? Why Believe in God? Alternative Concepts of God. Pantheism: Is the World God? How do Brains Work? What Would an Infinite Cosmos Mean? What is God's Eternity? Why is Free Will a Big Question? Is Free Will an Illusion? What's in a Resurrection? Does Hell Reveal God? Confronting Consciousness. 
Season 10 Is the Universe Religiously Ambiguous? Is Consciousness an Illusion? What is God? Do General Principles Govern All Science? Are Brain and Mind the Same Thing? Current Arguments for God. Why Science and Religion Think Differently. What are Dreams About? Can God Face Up Evil? How Belief Systems Work. Do Religions Complement or Contradict? Why is Free Will a Mystery? Does Brain Science Abolish Free Will?
Season 9 Fallacies in Proving God Exists. Is Life and Mind Inevitable in the Cosmos? Arguing God with Analytic Philosophy. What Would Alien Intelligence Mean? How Does a Creator Work? Mysteries of Cosmic Inflation. How is God All Powerful? Does Metaphysics Reveal Reality? Complexity from Simplicity? Do Humans have Free Will? What's God About? Does Consciousness lead to God? The Mystery of Existence. 
Season 8 Is Evil Necessary in God's World? What's Beyond Physics? Can ESP Reveal a New Reality? Arguing God from Consciousness. Does the Cosmos Provide Meaning? What Maintains Personal Identity? Arguing God from Being. Can Science and Theology Find Deep Reality? What's Wrong with Immortal Souls? Does God have a Nature? Are There Things Not Material? How Free is God? Immortality and Eternal Life. 
Season 7 How To Think About God's Existence. Why is the Universe Breathtaking? Does Consciousness have Meaning? Arguing God from Miracles & Revelations. Marvels of Space-Time. What Makes Brains Conscious? Is God Perfect? What are the Scope and Limits of Science? Is Human Consciousness Special? If God Knows the Future, What is Free Will? Can Science Talk God? Do Persons Survive Death? Is Theism Coherent?  
Season 6 Arguing God from Natural Theology? What is the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe? Does ESP Reveal Spirit Existence? Is God All Knowing? Why is the Quantum So Strange? Can Metaphysics Discover Surprises? Is God Necessary? Would Multiple Universes Undermine God? Do Human Brains Have Free Will? Arguing for Agnosticism? Are Science & Religion at War? Why Explore Consciousness and Cosmos? A New Heaven & A New Earth?
Season 5 How Do Human Brains Think and Feel? Does a Fine-Tuned Universe Lead to God? Wondering About God. What is the Far Far Future of the Universe? Solutions to the Mind-Body Problem? How is God the Creator? What Would Multiple Universes Mean? What Things are Conscious? Can Religion be Explained Without God? What's Real About Time? How do Persons Maintain Their Identity? Is God a "Person"? Asking Ultimate Questions.  
Season 4 Why is Consciousness Baffling? What is God Like? What does an Expanding Universe Mean? Is the Person All Material? Arguments Against God? Are there Extra Dimensions? Would Intelligent Aliens Undermine God? Did God Create Evil? Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered? Do Angels and Demons Exist? Why the Laws of Nature? What is God's Judgement? Why the Cosmos? 
Season 3 How Could God Know the Future? Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life and Mind? How does Beauty Color the Cosmos? What Things Really Exist? Where are They, All Those Aliens? Why is There "Something" Rather than "Nothing"? Can Many Religions All be True? Is Consciousness Fundamental? Is There a Final Theory of Everything? How can Emergence Explain Reality? Is This the End Time? Eternal Life is Like What? Do Science & Religion Conflict? 
Season 2 Is There Life After Death? Arguing God from Morality. How Many Universes Exist? Can Brain Explain Mind? What is the Mind-Body Problem? Is Time Travel Possible? Did God Create Time? Does Evil Disprove God? Why are Black Holes Astonishing? What is Free Will? Arguments for Atheism? How Could God Interact with the World? What's the Far Future of Intelligence in the Universe? 
Season 1 Does God Make Sense? How Vast is the Cosmos? Why is Consciousness So Mysterious? Did Our Universe have a Beginning? How are Brains Structured? Arguing God's Existence. Why a Fine-Tuned Universe? Do Persons have Souls? Arguing God from Design. Could Our Universe be a Fake? Does ESP Reveal the Nonphysical? Arguing God from First Cause. Can Science Deal with God?