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How we shape our Consciousness journey:

What is consciousness? Can brain explain mind? What are persons? Do persons have souls? Is life after death possible? What are altered states of consciousness? Is free will an illusion? Can ESP make sense? The diverse answers to these—and many more—questions give us insight into the nature of reality and our existence.

The topics below represent how we organize our journey to understand Consciousness. We group our videos by specific questions that we ask our renowned contributors in neuroscience, philosophy of mind, psychology, biology and medicine. Explore each topic below.

Mind-Body Problems

Are humans entirely physical? Or a spirit, a soul, beyond the physical? What’s the relationship between brains and  consciousness, between the stuff in our skulls and the experience in our minds?

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What is consciousness, the magical experience of inner awareness? Is mental life just the product of physical brain? Or is consciousness unique, irreducible, fundamental, revealing a hidden reality?

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What's a "person"? What does it take to be a person? Our brains and bodies are changing constantly. What then provides our sense of personal unity and continuity over time? What's a "self"?

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Free Will

Free will is a mystery. We sense our will to be fully free, but science says every action is determined by a prior action. Free will affects morality, responsibility, even consciousness and theology. 

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Philosophy of Biology

What is biology in the broadest and most fundamental sense? What are the purposes, meanings and implications of biological phenomena and systems? Specific questions include: What is life? What is emergence? Why sex? How are humans unique? What are the origins of religion, morality, ethics, altruism? What is transhumanism?

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Extrasensory Perception

Parapsychologists are sure ESP is real. Skeptics are sure it is not.  If ESP were real, what would that mean? Would our entire worldview change? Extraordinary claims demands extraordinary evidence. 

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Art Seeking Understanding

Art delights us, but how so and why? Art brings pleasure, but is art also more? What sorts of discoveries can an encounter with art facilitate? Can art provide insight into consciousness, human uniqueness, meaning, religion, realities beyond the physical, God? Can art be modes of discovery and creation that enhance understanding? 

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Our contributors include:

Simon Blackburn, Susan Blackmore, David Chalmers, Deepak Chopra, Daniel Dennett, Jared Diamond, David Eagleman, Rebecca Goldstein, Christof Koch, Ray Kurzweil, John Searle and many more renowned contributors converse with host Robert Lawrence Kuhn offering their expert insight into Consciousness.